i love the way you steal my car (makes_me_wanna_) wrote in 2hxe4u,
i love the way you steal my car

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OMEFFGEE. YOU GUYZ I TOTALLY RAN INTOO DIS GY @ HAWT TOPIC&AND HE SAID DAT GC IZNT PUNKRAWK. I TOTALLY THINK THAT &^*ARE*^& (%#PUNKRaWk#%). MY M0M iS s0o0o0o0o me3n 2 m3. she tewtally tuk my teevee aw4y bc she sed i wuz wachin 2 much porn! =( =( =* gawd. itz totally da punkRaWk THiNg 2 dew. hawttopic sayz sew.also i hayte doze st00ped gyse MiNoR tHrEaT. IaN mAcKaYe iz such a pozer. GaWd. EvrY1 nose dat da main infl00ence uf punkRaWk 2day iZ mah boyz *&^%$#GUD CHAROLET#$%^&* EYE HATE MINOR THRET YEW CANT EVEN HERE DEM&DEY SUK. Dey dunt even sell dem in hawtToPiC. 00kay well i gottg0 bc i wann go sk8 w/ my homiez PNC4LYFE I LUV BENJI XOXOXOXOXOXMUAH
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