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OMEFFGEE. YOU GUYZ I TOTALLY RAN INTOO DIS GY @ HAWT TOPIC&AND HE SAID DAT GC IZNT PUNKRAWK. I TOTALLY THINK THAT &^*ARE*^& (%#PUNKRaWk#%). MY M0M iS s0o0o0o0o me3n 2 m3. she tewtally tuk my teevee aw4y bc she sed i wuz wachin 2 much porn! =( =( =* gawd. itz totally da punkRaWk THiNg 2 dew. hawttopic sayz sew.also i hayte doze st00ped gyse MiNoR tHrEaT. IaN mAcKaYe iz such a pozer. GaWd. EvrY1 nose dat da main infl00ence uf punkRaWk 2day iZ mah boyz *&^%$#GUD CHAROLET#$%^&* EYE HATE MINOR THRET YEW CANT EVEN HERE DEM&DEY SUK. Dey dunt even sell dem in hawtToPiC. 00kay well i gottg0 bc i wann go sk8 w/ my homiez PNC4LYFE I LUV BENJI XOXOXOXOXOXMUAH
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I wish to have your disturbed and mutant children because you can write in something so barely recognisable as english it would make anyone with an IQ higher than 14 points turn in their grave.

Do you think your hardcore? Do you think you could fukkkk any11!!11 up because you write like a deranged tryhard nerd. Go play Counterstrike and practise suicide on there because at least then someone might get something out of it. If your so suicidal why are you still here, noone wants you here, so piss off. Youve defaced all humanity and replaced it with uncoordinated button-pressing and poser habits. Did you pick up most of that from perving on some other nerds woeful social life? Your all pathetic. Your a compilation of all things nauseatingly sad and woeful. What are you? A nerd? A punk? A skatey? Make up your mind so you can crawl into your social hole and die. Stop polluting the world with your embarrasing existance. Kill yourself now before you warp any more innocently gullible minds into following your embarrasing habits.

What do you hope to achieve from warping the language of English into pulp typos? Punk rocks sad. Its not music, its not even noise. Its NOT hardcore, its NOT "cool". Hey buddy, "cool" doesn't exist, so go watch some porn because "This is the only pussy YOU people are going to get!"

HAH!!! So-and-so is such a "pozer". What's a pozer? A poser is someone who spells things differently BECAUSE THEY THINK IT MAKES THEM COOL! You're not cool. If there is a cool, you're about as far from it as it is humanly possible to get. As for "infl00ences uf punkRaWk" there is none. They just play as fast as their solid wrists (exercised lots from jerking off) can play their fifty dollar defaced guitars and yell like choir boys about how hard their lives are because their girlfriend thinks their entire "culture" is lame.

How long did it take you to write that? Did you spellcheck it and make sure you didnt accidentally write "influence" not "infl00ence". YOUR SO SAD! GET A REAL LIFE AND REAL FRIENDS, LISTEN TO REAL MUSIC AND SHOOT EVERYONE LIKE THE CURRENT YOU IN THE FACE!

Smile. If I ever see you I'll break your neck. Pleasant thought, hey.

Go on. Try to bitch at me on my LiveJournal. You are all pathetic fucks, go on, give me your best shot. Don't get Good Charlotte onto me, please, they will slap me with their G-strings and fuck my inexperienced ass hole with their 12 inch dildos.
lol...it's a joke holmes...
you're an idiot.
did you not read the info?

don't talk about other people's joke spelling and grammar, when your REAL spelling and grammar isn't top notch.

Your all pathetic.

Your a compilation of all things nauseatingly sad and woeful.

yeah, i'm too lazy to pick out the rest.
but you're a fucking idiot.
go die.
haha. dude, there are plenty of influences to modern punk. take Joy Division, Minor Threat, and Fugazi. Three influeces.

"yell like choir boys " lmao. wow how do you yell like a choir boy? anyway, die.
OMG u r l1k6 s0 t0t4ll1 g6h. g001) (h412l0tt6 sUx t6h /\/\4j412 1)1k.
\/\/16 1)0/\/t u g0 (h0/\/\p 0/\/ /\/\6h p6/\/1s. 1)001) p60pl6 l1k6 u 12
/\/0t pu/\/k. pu/\/k 1s 131 134/\/1)s l1k6 '4f1', 't3h /\/\1sf1ts' and 's3x p1st0ls'. u t12yh4121)s g3t l1\/3z 4/\/1) l1st3/\/ t00 1234l m00s1(. 1/\/\
/\/0t 3\/3/\/ pu/\/k 4/\/1) 1 k/\/0\/\/ /\/\0123 4130ut 1t th4/\/ u \/\/h1(h 1s JuST s41).

(Translation for all you non-wankers out there)

Oh my God. You guys are gay. Good Charlotte sucks dick. Why don't you go chomp my penis? People like you are not Punk. Punk is by bands like 'AFI', 'The Misfits' and 'Sex Pistols'. You tryhards get lives and listen to real music. I'm not even Punk and I know more about it than you, which is just sad.

Sorry guys I would of written more in your dumbass language but I couldn't be fucked. Also so sorry to be childish in my insults but I knew it was the only way I could get through to these mockerys of the human brain. Another thing I'd like to add is that I don't even like real Punk but it's is just sad when you see people like this ruining their reputation even further. I have no idea how their fan base managed to get to this sad state, but all I know is it has ruined Punk forever. People like this make me really want to hurt things.

From a person who will headbutt the next person he sees who trys to be something they're not.
You bastards totally fooled me! Thanks alot I'm all emabarrassed now. I bet you guys get this heaps though. Oh well have fun achieving whatever the fuck you are trying to achieve.


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12 years ago

With all due respect...AFI are not punk and you're a dumbass.


January 21 2005, 01:21:54 UTC 13 years ago

God help me.
God it's fun when people dont understand the joke.

And for the person with the big long rant at the top I believe its spelt poseur.

As in a person who pretends to be something they're not just to fit in with the socially accepted image of what a 'cool scene' is.
i dont like you
you mother fucking cunt, good charlotte is not punk! hot topic is not punk, good damn i really wanna beat the shit outta your dambass! i didnt know people where actually this stupid, and what the fuck is with your typing aand spelling, oh i get it, its punk cuz your a punk rocker....fuck no! and why wouldnt you like minor threat....oooo cuz they dont sell them at a punk store called hot topic, you dumbass, YOU FUCKING DUMBASS
ohhh i git it its a joke, your funny......dumbass


September 8 2005, 06:26:24 UTC 12 years ago

i think they do sell minor threat stuff at hot topic.
OMFG!!! u ppl r such assholes, labelers,
OMFG!!! u ppl r such assholes, labelers, AND NO1 EVER FUCKIN SAID GC WAS PUNK!!! JUST LAY OFF IT!!! ALL U GUYS(well a few hehe) DESSERVE 2 BE SHOT, XPESIALLY(i no i cant spell yell all u want at me for that!) ARCHANGEL67 AND ELLE TAYLOR, GOD U FUCKTARDS!!!