Stupid white cracka (ifoundmymojo) wrote in 2hxe4u,
Stupid white cracka

OmGz!!11!!1111!1 im lYk SoOoO0000ooo~~~~~000 EfFfFiNg ExcITED lyK WOOOAH dat I found diz CommUnity! TodAi i wUz Sad *N* *EmO* Cuz Mai MoMmY GrouUndEd MEh 4 muH RepOrt Card cUz i Dun GIv a DaYm BouT mAh GradeZ Cuz ImA PUNK aN Im A ReBel!!! ShE Juz Dun UndAsTand Dat I'm 2 UniQue N dIffErnt 4rm Da CroWd 2 StuDy! and DeN maH *B*F* BroKe ^ Wit Meh!!!!111 DiZ Wuz Da LonggggESt~~~~~~~~~~ RelasHunSHIP i Wuz Eva In! We HAd BeEn GoIng OwT siNc HaLlOwEeN! DaTz AlMoSt TWWWWOOOO WeEkz!!!!OMGZZZZ DaTs SuCh A LoNg TyM!! We wEre In <3333*LOVE*<33333 He BrOkE ^ wIt Me 4 DiZ ***PREP** CuZ He CoUlDnt AcCepT DaT Im 2 HxC n ~~~PuNk~~~ 2 dRess LyK Evr1 ElsE!!! OMGZ!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!! ShE eVeN ShOpZ @ ABERCROMBIE!!!!! I WuZ soOOooO SaD AbOuT DaT I !~*CUT*~*! MuHSelf :-0!!!!!!

BuT DeN I LisTenD 2 SuM ~~~G*C~~~ An I wUz AlL BeTtA! :-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OmG DaT SoNg BoUt *SUICIDE* is so tOUChIng!! DeY heLpD Me OwT SoOO000 MucH!!! BeNjY Is Soo00OOoo FOOine An SuCh A Gr8 MuSiCiAn!!! I WaNa maRrY hiM n HaV Hiz BabYz aNd DeN I cAn FuLlFiLL MuH DrEaM An Be A fAmOuz PuNk RaWk MuSiCIaN aN tEaCh OthEr KidZ HoW To ReBeL!! ANARCHY!!!!!!!!11111on3!!! i WiSh MuH MoM WoUlD AcCePt Me 4 WuT I rLly Am...But oOh WeLl @ Least I FoUnd SuM OtHeR ***PuNX*** To ReLaTe! ADd Me If Ur PunK 2!!!!
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